VISION: To be a self-sustaining umbrella organization that supports and elevates local Vue family chapters in the areas of cultural preservation, leadership, education, and economic advancement.

MISSION: Vue National Association is a family lead organization that is committedcto unity through resource and leadership development that educates, empowers, and recognizes the successes of Vue families nationally.

     Hello my Vue family, Our Vue national association’s (VNA) vision and mission statement clearly defined our settings for the betterment of our family.
     My administration and I, along with all of you should initialize this as standard. Our Vue family is unique, pure and has obtained great heritage from one generation to another. I encourage all of us to continue this legacy as a family and to the other clans. At the same time our family must come together as one, be together in unity. We will be stronger, more supportive and intact. I also want to stress our ability to learn. Education is within us, our key to the future! Whether it’s Hmong traditional or further schooling, it is critical that will propel our lives to a prosperous future. 
     Throughout our term, VNA will be hosting events and activities in several states. Please be involve and participate when VNA comes to your town. There is useful information that must be transparency to the Vue family, such as news outbreak, scholarship, achievements and many more. Be active along with your state representatives or local chapters so information could be heard.
     I like to welcome you to work with me and my administrations for the 2020 through 2024 years. My team comes from a variety of experienced background and are scattered throughout the United States. I assured you we will help our family to our fullest ability.


Vue National Association