1. In order for VNA to be strong and successful, we must have funding’s
  2. Funding will be passive and consistence

Proposed: Vue100

If we collect $100 from each family, 1000 Vue families, we’ll generate $100,000

$100 X 1,000=$100,000

Invest 100,000 in a bank at 3%

$100,000 X .03 = $3,000 (That’s 3K per year)

The principle wills always be there to generate interest

Use the interest for Vue families, such as:

  1. Vue Unity 
    • All of us owned the money
    • The money (principal) will always be there 

2. VNA activities

    • Scholarships (if the funds are met, we could provide full ride scholarships)
    • Events and workshops to better our Vue families.
    • Support our Vue leaders
    • Others

3. One Vue national new year across the nation

    • Rotate around the states
    • A chance for all of Vue families to get to meet/know each other

Vue National Association