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VNA Scholarships – Hmong Version


Dr. May Lee Moua-Vue
VNA Director of Education

VNA Scholarship Information


Education is a priority for our Vue families.  A quality education is the cornerstone of improving the lives of our families and communities. The Vue National Association is hoping to provide several scholarships to be awarded during the Summer of 2021 to Vue students to support their education. 


The scholarships are competitive in that the VNA board of directors will review each application and award scholarships based on established criteria. The amount of each scholarship will be dependent upon the funds received each year. The minimum requirements are: 

  1. Senior in high school or just graduated from high school, enrolled in 2-4 year college/university, or a graduate student 
  2. Member of the Vue Family (tub, ntxhais – tsis tau yuav txiv, or nyab Hmoob Vwj) 
  3. Live in the United States 
  4. One letter of recommendation from someone not related to you must accompany your application.
  5. Once you are selected to receive a scholarship you must submit proof from a faculty/advisor stating that you are enrolled as a student in good standing for VNA to release your scholarship award to you.  
  6. Complete the VNA Online Scholarship Application by May 15th, 2021

Please note that the funding for these scholarships come from our Vue family members.  Your financial contribution to these grants will allow our Vue students to continue receiving financial assistance from our Vue Family Association. The following are possible categories for donating: 

    1. Platinum: $500.00+, if you give this amount, a scholarship will be created in your name (or someone you designate)
    2. Gold:  $400.00-$499.00 
    3. Silver: $200-$399 
    4. Bronze:  $20.00-$199.00

       Your donation is tax exempt.  Please send your checks to: 

Attention:  Ms. Shoua Xiong Vue, VNA Treasurer 
5151 W. Stoll Rd
Lansing, MI 48906

All Donors will be recognized at the VNA conference in which the scholarship recipients are announced.  For more information or if you have questions regarding these scholarships, please contact Dr. May Lee Moua-Vue, Director of Education at (608) 354-2703 or email .  

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